How do glaciers affect the Earth surface topography?

I am passionate about understanding landscape evolution, especially in alpine and glacierized environments. I believe that reconciling observations of glacierized landscapes with physical processes is key to better understand alpine landscapes, but also better understand the fate of glaciers and ice sheets.

Computer by the stream Yukon
Checking data from instruments monitoring water and sediment flux in a proglacial stream, St. Elias range, Yukon.

Glaciers have shaped most of Earth’s mountain ranges and the landscapes in high latitude regions while drastically affecting the populations inhabiting these areas. Yet, glaciers remain particularly enigmatic.

My main interests reside in understanding processes occurring at the base of glaciers, in particular water flow and bedrock erosion, to better understand how glaciers interact with their environments, i.e. tectonics, climate, biology, ecology, geology, etc.

Kaskawulsh glacier, St. Elias range, Yukon.